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For the past fifteen years I have been promoting the lesser use of sprays and chemicals in Orchards, Paddocks Gardens and general use.
When  the World was created there were no chemical plants only worm castings.
The soil was rich the grass was clean animals were healthier Bees and insect life flourished. Folk were not as sick over all as they are now.
WE children used to roll in the fields chew the grass would you do it now?
Worm Liquid castings properly fermented and mixed not (worm tea or Wee}
is the greatest natural fertilizer known to Humans.
Worm casting in liquid form goes straight into soil and plants no waiting period.
They have the ability to kill Toxins in the soil and fight root rot.
They promote water retention in the soil encourage plant growth any many other things that Man made fertilizers and animal droppings do not.
They do  not burn plants and roots.! liter of my mixed castings can be watered down 20 makes the product very affordable saving money..


Customers' needs are of the utmost importance. I am  committed to meeting those needs.  As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.


133  Consols Street                                  3610 Waihi

New Zealand


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Beautiful  strong flowers great colour.
Fruit trees

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This man builds and supplies Composting toilets.

Each unit comes complete with my composting




Ramon Dale

020 40033683

May I take this opportunity to recommend 


A Place where you can leave your pet in the most reliable and loving care

Contact Olwyn on 021 081 10549

Situated at. 12 Otway Road Te Aroha

Google.    4theloveofdogs.

May I recommend  Ms Tina Ellis fantastic flower arrangements.

[email protected]

I recommend the following Business.
Coastal Painters.
Quality Workmanship Guaranteed.
Top Quality Dulux paint with Dulux weathershield.
Roof Spraying.
Superior weather protection.
Phone. Louis on
0274359843. or text us for a free Quote.

If You  need a Certified  Plumber.

Call Roger of Pipe Services Ltd Waihi..

Certified Welder.

Tel. 021914957 /  [email protected]