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Stop the over use of chemicals on the soil

Updated: Apr 12

Would you feed you child chemicals?

Why feed the soil chemicals then. Ever since the beginning of time Composting worms have been injecting nutrients into the food they consume as it passes through their bodies and replacing it into the soil.

Liquid worm castings correctly mixed and fermented have the following abilities.

They remove toxins from the soil, yes even old round up'

They kill root rot.

They control heavy metal in your soil only releasing them to the soil when and if it needs it.

They promote plant growth.

They promote water retention in the plant roots.

Truly they are nurse maids to the soil.

Feed the soil give it back the nutrients it needs to flourish stop killing the Bees poisoning the rivers animals and encouraging the growth of chemical mutant plants in the oceans.

Worm Castings are the oldest and best natural compost known to Humans

For more information visit Arthurs Worm Farms on google or phone 021500562..

Visit Arthurs Worm Farm Waihi, bring the children..

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