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Herbs & Trees

Not only does worm compost replace the biology in your soil but it has ability to rebuild your soil health.

No chemical reactions or negative impact on the environment . By increasing micro- organism activity controlling

nematodes and enzymes it repels disease and insect attacks. It is also safe around children.

Because it retains moisture less watering required.

Can be used in quantity because it is totally organic.

Use it on .

Herb gardens watered down between 10 and 20 to one around the base of plants.

Tree trunks and branches use a neat first application on a poor tree.

All vegetable gardens. around the plants not leaves.

As a dressing for lawns 10 to 1 .

Around the edge of your potted plants a small amount,

Orchids and rose bushes on the ground and with a light spray on wood work (mist on buds )

For ground work soil conditioner.

Lightly rake soil to break up soak or spread worm compost. sprinkle with water as a mist.

Cover lightly with soil . Water.

Trees and bushes create a small trench around tree fill with worm compost or juice cover again with soil.You can spray foliage and plants with a light mixture no burning will occur.

My 20 lt container of worm compost is mixed already worm compost [vermicast ] and juice only $20.00 used between 10 and 20 to 1 can provide up to 400 lts for garden.

I would strongly advise a straining of juice before filling it into a hand or mechanical spray unit to avoid blocking jets.

As worm compost will continue to ferment after bottling do not store with the lid on after a week or two it will stink and die being no use to you. Take the tops off containers and store well out of reach of children.

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