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In the short time i have been using Arthurs worm tea my plants look amazing. I heartily recommend using this product .Great value for money.

John Murphy

Gillian Boyd

"Arthur helped us set up 2 worm farms and has been very helpful in sorting out any problems that have come up. The worm juice and the vermicast are both wonderful on the garden and I have used no other fertilser since beginning to use it."


"Arthur. Exceptional knowledge throughout the industry through decades of onsite trials, testing and results. Advice is always sound and solid.Thanks Ramon"

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Eve Campbel

"You are a marvel the planet desperately needs you.You are a marvel the planet desperately needs you."

​Debbie Douglas

"Thank you for our cool little worn farm. Thank you for you in depth knowledge and guidance. Highly recommend getting your worm farm from Arthur H Lynch you get a quality farm and worms as well. He taught us to make our worm farm on the spot and offers to come and help through different processes. Even worth talking to arthur if you have a worm farm you will be surprised what you can learn."

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