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Worm Farms

Bottom tray is the juice tray with tap.

Middle tray where we build farm.

R/ H tray is for later when middle tray full. Feed and continue.


Complete Worm Farms .for sale inc, 4 kilo of Tiger worms all ready to go only $150,

All around you in the fields there are are thousands of worms working away silently chemicals and sprays can endanger them .

Stop killing the bees and every thing natural.

Get a worm farm and use the juice and worm compost.

MY farms are not to heavy for elderly folk to manage when full.

There are three trays and two lids A. The day lid. B.the night lid. The day lid has breathing holes.

Also there is a tap in the kit. It has become obvious, Granny is going to get a worm farm for her 80th birthday please give her one of mine at least she can lift the trays. I have three types of farms on offer.

Farms by Courier

Three piece farm complete with tap and day and night lids.

Materials to construct farm free.

Folder of things you need to know included free.

4 Kilo of composting worms.

Instructions for the construction of farm inc, free.. 

Back up on this site or by phone.

Courier fees extra.

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