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Recycling Food Waste

WHAT is the biggest and most useless commodity produced by human beings to date?

Garbage, Garbage, Garbage.

Mountains of the stuff. I wonder just how much of the contents of plastic rubbish bags is food.

Look down your street on a rubbish collection day, hundreds of plastic bags packed to bursting, how much food is there in them that could have been recycled through a worm

The plastic bags are in turn sent to tip, mountains of them each one a plastic incubator, heating the rotting food to a poisonous slime. What if a bag bursts releasing the slime into the water table? Rats cats and dogs feed on the carrion bringing horror right back to families and homes.

We must reduce the amount of food scrap going into the environment. Worm farms. no matter how small do just that, worms also make great pets do not bite or bark all night and no vets bills.

What worms do is they convert waste food scrap to vermicast and worm juice, both of which are the most natural and potent form of fertilizer for use in your garden.

Worm Farms, once established, are so easy to call me for help and advice free.

Compost Worms

Compost worms eat three times their own weight in food each day. Try to keep at least 2 to 3 cms of food over your farm at all times.. Do not allow your Farm to became flooded, drain regularly. If the Farm is outside, cover with a water proof cover. Worms have seasons like all other creatures. They can less active in cold weather. Also when raining they will produce more juice. For on going support phone 07 863 7677 or 021500562 Worm Liquid castings should be watered down approx: 10 x 1 = 1 liter gives10 liters. For use with plants, trees and garden in general. Very good for shrubs. For a general measure 1lt x liquid to 9 lts water

Problems with your Farm:

If your worms notice food sticking to maybe your farm is too dry a small amount of water.or they will die do not have lungs they breath through their skins, hence if they dry out they suffocate.

Pamper your Lawn .Add worm liquid to your watering can 20 to 1 . Walk backwards across the lawn spray from side to side . Then take hose on finest spray up in air like a drizzle

Tiger Worms Do not like light' they will not come up to feed if too light.

Worms leaving: If you have the right environment then your worms won't want to leave, feed them and water them once a week.don't forget to add coffee grounds to inside edge of farm . If you cant smell farm nor can the things that would like to eat your worms.They can survive up to 2 to 3 weeks while on holiday feed them well before you go. If your worm suddenly disappear it could be due to a predator having got into your farm never put soil from a compost heap or grass cuttings into one of my farms please you don't know what they may be hiding..

Worms are not keen on:

Cooked Food Grease and Dairy products, Lawn clippings.

Do not put news paper on your farm laying sheets on top of your farm it will have a tendency to suck up all the moisture in your farm and dry worms can not survive. There are no nutrients in news paper for worms.

The soldier Fly lays its eggs in your farm the young ones will consume all the food and the worms will hunger and die. Don't leave farm unattended and open they love old carpet etc.

Your farm has the worms trapped they can not escape there may well be horrors in lawn clippings do not introduce them to your farm.

General Advice.

Worm Casting Liquid has two traits as do Humans.

1. If it stinks it is dead let it breath don't store with lids on.

2. The nutriments are 90% in the poo not the wee.

Work Shops Available for Schools and Clubs

1. Consists of a formal chat and advice on worm farming using my notes and photographs.

2. Using worm farm sections and different layers to build farm.

3. Showing the worm juice and worm compost with talk .

4. A brief out line of my 1 year commitment to my clients.{free} until they are able to worm farm .

5. Explain the future with the use of a tub and on going worm compost and juice mixed together by the client in their own garden farm or orchard insuring an on going supply of worm products for their use.


1. Able to build and know when worms are not well and act.

2. Worm castings to Liquid castings

3. Mix and store + Fermentation. 

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