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Tiger worms are a species of earth worm adapted to decaying organic material.

Tiger or Eisenia-Fetida

Compost Worm

Tiger Worm

What a fantastic little creature.

They hate bright light will dive and hide.

They live in the top 6 inches to 12 inches of your farm.

Unlike the Earth worm they do not deep burrow.

There is no male and female.

They do not like to be soaking wet just moist.

You need 3 to 4 centimeters of food on your farm at all times as they eat three times their own weight per day.

Tiger or Red Wriggler

One of the predators found in a wet farm is the Red Mite

who will attach itself to the worms and suck the blood and juices out of the helpless worm.

Open farm expose it to sun for at least two hours. Dry out farm. PLace news paper on top of Farm suck up moisture then burn.

Show as red patches on top of farm

Know as the Tiger worm they are rarely found in soil. Pictures from free encyclopedia.

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