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Long before chemical factories were there were Composting Worms. They were put there for the continuance of healthy soil.This in turn meant rich productive soil. Which gave us healthy food ,trees,plants and paddocks full of non chemical grass.

Of course People ,animals,birds insects ie. bees all ate healthy food. Women were able to produce healthy children..

Rivers and the oceans were a lot more clean and healthy fish were abundant.

Worm Liquid Castings when correctly mixed do all of the following after fermentation.

1. They have the ability to fight toxins in the soil and kill root rot.

2. They promote water retention in the soil.

3. Then kill fungus and plant disease .

4. They control heavy metals in the soil only releasing them when plant needs them.

My Liquid castings have been well fermented to remove any unwanted bugs before filling containers they have a ph of approx 7+.

A 20 liter container watered down can produce up to 400 liters mixed .

Nothing in the world can do all this it is the finest natural fertilizer known to Humans and the oldest.

Animal droppings need the worms to break them down and turn them into humus.

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