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This is a complete farm Just built by me in Omokoroa. Inc were 4 liters tiger worms and I supplied a drum of liquid castings down the shed all for $160

Every Tree full of lovely young healthy fruit good old worm casting liquid feed the soil and roots let nature do the rest.

These are natural grown veggies in Katikati by the wife of one of my clients using wor liquid castings 20 to 1.

read the truth scroll up.

My wife Wendy is the gardener

,Wendy,is the rose Queen .

My favourite colour

10 and 20 liters Worm Liquid ready mixed fermented and ready to go out.

Fermenting I have several drums at any time.

Healthy fruit check the green out strong groth use Worm Liquid on your soil.

A few pics along the way

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