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Thank you for purchasing Worms or a Worm farm!

I trust the following will help you to make your farm a success.

Do not give any form of plastic products to the worms. Shredded paper cut down on in your farm please call me before using. Never give or dairy products to the worms.

They love tea bags. A light sprinkle of lime over the top and lid of your farm will help keep down fruit flies etc.

Worms can eat 3 times their own weight of food each day after farm settles in approx, 2 months. All being well your farm should be working at full capacity in 4 months. Worms are less active in cold weather and will produce more juice in rain.

Compost worms are a different worm to

Thanks to Amy Brown for many hours of informative reading!

This is a warning to all Worm Farmers

Centipedes are your worst nightmare. They seize their prey your worms and inject them with a venom before eating them. Note that their heads in shallow crevices or under ledges etc. These creatures are death to your worm farm and must be destroyed straight away. two other you The Silver worm it Has a head like Hammerhead Shark and last but not least watch out for earwigs!

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