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Liquid Worm Castings 

20 lit container or 10 lit

Worm casting 70% casting liquid to 30% worm juice. 

Ph 7+. in 20 or 10 lt containers mixed ready to be watered

The 20 lt container makes up to 400 for use.   

Popular with Orchardists and for grass paddocks.    $20

Smaller amounts available. 

Our most popular products are above. Please call or stop by for more information on products, current promotions custom options juice should be stored up high away from children with the tops off.

Three level complete worm Farm with   4 liters of Tiger Worms                                                                                                                                         If wanted a dustbin full of liquid worm castings to keep at

your shed  fermenting ready for use.

My book containing many pictures of hands on worm farming over the last 13 years

Total cast $180


Do Not dig in this type of farm with your bare hands.

The two main dangers in worm farming are.

Deysentery and Dermatitis.