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I now realize that unless you learn to mix the products of your farms for use correctly you are playing at it. Secondly  FERMENTATION is an absolute must.

I also  now realize after 15 years that 75% of the advisors on line have not understood the difference between worm wee and Humas poo . Unless the food has been through the worms body and out the anus it is not and never will be Natural fertilizer. Worm wee softens the mass for the worm to traverse through the farm.

The factory on the worms back impregnates the black  humas with the wonderful nutriments required by the soil.

The real truth about Liquid Worm Castings properly mixed and fermented

My wife Wendy's roses fantastic colour healthy plants.

Beautiful strong stems and flower colours.
Lush colours
This Lady uses only Liquid Worm Castings
Natural healthy veggies
Young  healthy Avos lusious greenery.
All natural goodness to fruit trees through healthy soil