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Arthurs Worm Farm Waihi



Humanity is killing its self

Posted on June 17, 2019 at 6:50 PM

I have been called a killjoy I should not comment on things I can not change. I strongly recommend folk to watch vedios by Geof.Lawton in Austrailia. Industrial farming is destroying the worlds top soil.

Chemists,scientests, take note that from the day you kill the last bee we have approxamatley 6 months before food shortages start to hit  eventualy who knows. When this happens can we eat gold or money? If  you could not care less about our childrens future this wont matter to you. You can make a difference.

Stop the unessessary or over use of chemical sprays, Get back to nature.                               Worm liquid castings correctly mixed and fermented which are the oldest and best natural fertilizer known to Humanity there were no chemical plants in the garden of Eden.

1. Recycle your food waste through a worm farm and reap the benifet for your soil.

2, Cut down the amount of plastic rubbish bags you put out every week. Do not blame the local council for all the bags they have to bury.

3. Liquid worm castings go immediatly into your soil they have the ability to fight toxins , kill root rot, promote water retention ,enhance plant growth control heavy metals . No man made fertilizer or animal droppings can do all this in fact you need composting worms to break down animal dung.

So please stop killing them with chemicals. Visit Arthurs Worm Farms Waihi click on web site.

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